What we do

What we do

We collect and distribute information between members and CCAMLR.

  • We meet regularly to discuss matters relevant to the krill industry and CCAMLR
  • We promote research for sustainable harvest of Antarctic krill
  • We strive to promote the work of CCAMLR and emphasise the steps that are being taken to ensure the sustainability of the krill fishery

ARK coordinates and cooperates with CCAMLR on the provision of research and information on krill, and the krill fishery and its impact on the ecosystem, with the aim of contributing to CCAMLR’s work on managing the krill fishery sustainably. In view of this, ARK members have agreed to:

  1. Undertake annual transects in Subareas 48.1 and 48.2 to collect raw acoustic data which may be used to provide qualitative and quantifiable information on the distribution and relative abundance of Antarctic krill.
  2. Participate in a multinational large-scale krill synpotic survey in Area 48 in 2019 being proposed by Norway. This survey is intended to update the CCAMLR-2000 survey data which is used to estimate sustainable yield.

CCAMLR scientists who are interested in any research activities being undertaken by ARK members, or who have proposals for collaborative research, should contact ARK directly at info@ark-krill.org. Scientists are also invited to suggest the types of research they would like to see being conducted on the fishing vessels.



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