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About ARK

Long term commitment

Krill fishing requires a long-term outlook.

  • Krill fishing is a highly specialized and demanding fishery
  • Fishing for krill requires huge upfront investment 
  • There has been slow market development and product adoption 

Therefore the krill fishing companies agree that the industry must develop sustainably to ensure long term viability of the krill stocks and dependent predators.


Need for data – Reducing uncertainties in the krill fishery 


  • Scientists, CCAMLR delegations and NGO’s have emphasized the necessity for more scientific data on krill and the ecosystem
  • There is also a requirement for more information about krill fishing operations


  • Scientific data collection and surveys in the CCAMLR area are expensive and time consuming
  • The areas where krill occur are vast
  • Scientific research programs are limited.
  • The krill fishing fleet could provide more scientific data

Currently there is extensive data collection on board fishing vessels and in future there will be more consistent and targeted research by the fishing fleet that will aid CCAMLR’s management process.


This research will include:

  • Surveys of krill abundance on the fishing grounds
  • Investigation into incidental mortality of krill
  • Determination of the degree of larval fish bycatch
  • Utilisation of CCAMLR’s Scheme of International Scientific Observation to collect critical data

Progress towards stronger cooperation in the whole krill fishing fleet

  • Regular meetings between krill harvesting companies
  • Encourage understanding by the fishing industry of CCAMLR’s approach and of the scientific requirements for management of the krill fishery
  • Discussion of  opportunities and challenges in the krill fishing industry
  • Education and outreach to emphasise CCAMLR’s ecosystem approach and the sustainable nature of the fishery
  • Agreement from krill fishing companies to support CCAMLR in managing the krill fishery

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